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The Corrie Review: 29/3/13

Tonight's episode demonstrated exactly why I watch soaps. Most of it centered around the conclusion of the court case and it was DRAMATIC and AWESOME and SOAPY. It was so awesome, I'm forced to break the cap locks out. AWESOME!!!

One of the things I've loved about the domestic violence storyline was that Kirsty was never completely evil. Sure there were times that she was scary and/or bitchy and/or crazy but not evil. In part this is to do with the writers (although they're not perfect; even this storyline had its flaws) but mostly due to the amazing acting of Natalie Guemede. It feels like I say this every blog post but her performances truly blow me away. I wish her well in whatever she chooses to do next.

And of course Tyrone, Fiz and Ruby got their famous happy ending. It was a little cheesy but Tyrone deserves a bit of happiness. He's been put through the wringer the last year or so, so he needs a bit of happiness. Why on earth he would choose to spend that happiness with Fiz is for another blog post altogether.

To be honest, I almost didn't care about the other storylines but off the top of me head, let's briefly summarise what was hot and what was not about tonight's episode (excluding the court case. I've done enough gushing about that!)

Hot: Sylvia's ongoing drug storyline

Five words I never expected to type. But this is just hilarious. That scene on Wednesday when she was high and playing with bubbles. I haven't laughed so hard at a Corrie scene since the infamous Blanche AA debacle of 2009. And her caginess over the cannabis brownies tonight was also fun. I love it!

Not: Tina and Gary at the Bistro

Not the scene exactly; more the 'I can see where this is going and I hate it.' Mostly because, um, I can see where this is going etc etc.

It kinda felt like torture actually because for the majority of the episode, they featured Tina and Tommy together and I'd forgotten just how much I liked them. And when they said goodbye to each other, there was chemistry there. In conclusion, I prefer Tina with Tommy and Gary with Izzy. Don't go there writers! Just don't!

Hot: Chesney flirting with Eva

Ches is gonna wake up in the morning, remember this, and want to kill himself. Seriously we've all been there; had a seriously embarrassing moment while drunk.

I think Eva was vaguely amused though. And it's probably a compliment in a way. Mostly though, their exchange was hilarious. Not quite as hilarious as the Sylvia incidents but hilarious nonetheless.

Not: Gloria

Coronation Street: Gloria Price

I liked her first time round but ever since she returned last month (or was it January? I've forgotten), she's been nothing short of a vile shrew. And you have no idea how much I despise having to call a character played by the awesome Sue Johnston what I did.

I mean seriously. To call out Dev for daring to sit beside the woman he loves? Granted, Gloria thinks Sunita set fire to her home but come the hell on! It hasn't even been proved yet! I just hate Gloria. Hate. Hate. Hate. And to think the character had so much potential when she waltzed onto the Street. To think I was actually looking forward to her character. What a naive little fool I was.

I think that's it. Anything I can't remember wasn't important (at least that's how I see it). Overall it was a great two episodes. However I'd rather next week was back to normal. With the big fire last week and the court case this week, Corrie's been hella sensationalised. Let's get back to the lighthearted soap we all know and love. Leave the darker stuff to Eastenders!

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