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The Corrie Review 15/3/13

How good was tonight's episode of Corrie? Answer: freaking good! I've not enjoyed an episode like that for a while. There were things that I never expected to happen (Jason Grimshaw a pub landlord??? Who'd've thunk it?) and some amazing scenes which I shall get onto presently. Worth missing the Vicar of Dibley for!


Look, I'll be the first to tell you that I haven't enjoyed this storyline but that didn't stop tonight's scene between Chesney and Katy being nothing short of fantastic! But more than that, it gave Sam Aston another angle to play instead of nice caring dad, and he reminded us all what a cracking actor he can be. He plays anger really well (in fact, he could have been good in a descent to bad boy storyline but unfortunately they gave it to a recast Ryan) and if I wasn't on Chesney's side at the beginning of the evening (which I was), then by the end of the evening he had my full 110%.

And even before that scene, a great showdown between Gary and Ryan with Katy in the middle. And yes I cheered when Gary punched Ryan. In fact I could enjoy an episode with people just randomly punching Ryan. He's a 
douche! He deserves it!


Doesn't the pub look nice by candlelight? Not certain if they're actually allowed to be open with no electricity but with the atmosphere, and the wonderful Barbara Knox singing (still fantastic at nearly 80! Voice and looks!), I'll take it!

And Jason wound up getting a job at the pub in a move I didn't expect this character to go in. He's been a builder ever since I started watching Corrie so I'm not sure if I want this to last but it does seem refreshing, even if I'm not an advocate of the Jason/Stella relationship.

On the whole though, not really a lot to comment on here. Just a whole bunch of setting up by the writers. And there's more below.


You guys! I'm trying not to get invested in them because I know what's going to happen on Monday! But I can't do it! Dev and Sunita were so good together tonight. Not many people like Dev but I'm in the minority. He was completely selfless tonight as he offered to start a completely new life with Sunita. We all know how much his little empire means to him. And yet he chooses to give all that up for the woman he loves!

Which is why I did not like Stella interfering in the reunion process by basically talking Dev out of it. Out of order. I've been feeling indifferent to Stella ever since she joined but a few more moves like that will push me over into the hatred corner with the majority of Corrie fans.

Get em' off!

Comedy too to balance those heavy scenes tonight in the form of Eileen, Lloyd, and Steve. Eileen tried to convince Steve and Lloyd to do the Monty Python thingy and they accepted. But then apparently they said no later and now I'm a little confused as to whether they'll be doing it or not but who cares because this is an obvious ploy to get the characters away from the pub!

This may have been a great episode but I haven't been enjoying Corrie of late. However, from the few spoilers I've read, that could be all set to change when Blackburn takes over. He's made a few storyline decisions I've agreed with so far, so I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Let's hope he doesn't have the same penchant for breaking up happy couples for the hell of it as Collinson has. Because I am sick and tired of that.

However here's hoping!

All screenshots courtesy of the ITV preview pics gallery which you can find here

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