Thursday, 7 March 2013

Radio Silence

Sorry for all the radio silence on this end. I could go into a series of excuses about how my husband turned out to be a serial killer who tried to drown me and my three kids in the Manchester Canal. Alas, that didn't happen. (Well... not this week anyway!)

The truth is... Corrie is going downhill in a kinda down-hilly sort of way.

There are literally just two storylines that make me tune in to this sorry state of a soap opera. One is the domestic violence plot, or more specifically Natalie Guemede's talent as an actress. She amazes me every time and the confrontation with Alison was the highlight of Monday's double episode. Unfortunately Corrie decided to axe one of the best things about Corrie and Kirsty's leaving soon. And if they kill her off, I will.... rage on this blog angrily!

The second storyline? Is the babydaddy storyline. Yes it's cliched, but it's a soap opera staple and the fallout when David finds out that the baby is Nick's (It's gotta be! Who can resist that story?) will simply be amazing. Plus I care about all the characters here. Kylie, David, Nick . Not Gail though but I've never liked Gail.

Everything else is just boring and stupid and contrived and stupid and bad storytelling and stupid.

Karl's sudden descent into villainy? Stupid! (although, and I'll continue to say this, John Michie is so awesome when he's playing bad!)

Katy and Ryan? Stupid!

Ryan's continued existence? Makes me pray for death.

And I've had a brain fart because I can't even remember any of the other plots. Which means they're all stupid. Bring on April 8th when the new producer material starts airing. A month tomorrow! Let's all stay strong!

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