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The Corrie Review: 5/4/13

Before we get started on Friday's review, here's something that came to mind. I'm a big Vicar of Dibley fan and I couldn't help thinking that Alice aka Emma Chambers looked like Corrie's very own Julie aka Katie Cavanagh. You see the resemblance, no?


It's totally just me, isn't it?

Let's just get on with the review, shall we?

Sunita's Croaked It!

Sunita breathed her last on Wednesday's episode and a good amount of yesterday's double episode focused on the after-effects, including Dev telling the children their mother has died. Jimmi Harkishin actually got me here, proving that he indeed can still act. (Side note: why doesn't he act well more often? The writing isn't *that* bad) I really felt his pain at losing the love of his life. And to be honest, he's taking it better than I thought he would. When he found out about Sunita's affair with Karl, he tried to kill himself but none of that this time! And kudos to Steve who decided to keep Dev company in the evenings when the kids were abed.

On the other side of the coin, we have the three witches Price family, all of whom I hate. I've given up on Gloria ever being likable, and I couldn't care less about Stella, but Eva had so much potential! I'd rather see her tackle a storyline of her own instead of being involved in this farce. They're doing it for Leanne! Why not Eva?

And of course Stella and Jason broke up because, as Stella put it, 'we barely know each other.' Um, if they barely knew each other, what the hell were they doing going out in the first place? I never liked the relationship but Stella's just being a fool now. I still can't believe she's falling for Karl all over again despite all he's done to her. Either she's idiot or a sucker for punishment. Or both, come to think of it.

Break-ins aren't good for the baby!

The writers seem to be setting up for yet another triangle. Now while I'm sick to death of most love triangles (Katy/Chesney Ryan anyone?), this... doesn't annoy me.

There does seem to be some chemistry between Gary and Tina. Now it's not as powerful as Tommy and Tina (whom I loved as you may have guessed) so I'm shipping them in the long run, but I wouldn't mind seeing a short affair develop between them. I'm getting way ahead of myself here though. The writers may not be going that direction at all. Yeah, feel free to laugh at me now!

I can't leave Chesneh!


We continued this little story arc about Fiz not wanting to move in because Chesney would be lonely. Allow me to point out two flaws in that. 1.) She'd be moving two doors down. 2.) Ches has friends that he can spend time with, like Kirk and Tyrone. 3.) (yes I said two. I lied!) He's an adult now. He can look after himself.

I really do think Fiz has got nothing to worry about here but like the caring sister she is, she decided to stay at home, despite Hayley's best efforts. That's actually the opposite of what I thought the writers might do. I thought Fiz would move out, and Chesney would get a little lonely, but Beth's niece comes to town and moves in with him, paying him as a lodger. Kinda harder to do now with Fiz sticking her oar in.

Oh and Fiz & Ty continued to celebrate their happy ending. Just no more cheesy lines about this just being the beginning from Ty. I don't care what Kylie thinks, I cringed. And I do not like cringing at the cutest couple ever!

Old-Age Druggies


It looks like the drug story arc has ended now with first Rita then Roy discovering that Sylvia and Dennis has been taking drugs disguised as brownies for their various aches and pains. Despite this being a rehash (pun intended) of a previous storyline which I can only vaguely remember, it was much better this time around mainly because I love Dennis and especially Sylvia. Stephanie Cole is just making that role her own. It would take a brave fan now to compare her to Blanche. If only they'd met! *sigh*

Is it wrong that I kinda want Sylvia and Dennis to have a fling. I supposed they're too old for that sort of thing now but they just suit each other so well! And Sylvia needs a man to boss around in her life that isn't her son. Let's face it, it's Dennis or Norris. Easy choice now, isn't it?

I believe Stuart Blackburn's episodes begin on Monday and I cannot wait for what he has in store for us. (I say this having watched the ridiculously contrived Emmerdale live episode) Storylines do seem to be improving, with the exception of the Karl/Stella stupidity which is um... stupid.

To be honest, I google imaged most of the pictures but some at least are from In fact most of them with the exception of the first pic which I stole off the net. Yeah. Sue me. Actually don't because I'm broke! But if that is your pic, feel free to take the credit because I cannot find it again now.

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