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The Corrie Review 27/2/13

Welcome one and all to Wednesday night's review. Yes that's right, the review will now be published a couple of hours after the episode. Shocker, huh? So without further ado...

A Kiss Among Kebabs

This incredibly stupid storyline continued tonight with Katy and Fake Ryan (This is NOT Ryan Connor, writers! This is NOT Michelle's son!!!) locking lips in the romantic atmosphere of the kebab shop (which I would name but I'm not sure of the spelling... and naturally I'm too lazy to look it up!)

Surely I cannot be the only Corrie viewer who can't feel the chemistry between these two characters. I don't even feel them as friends to be honest. I've had more intense conversations with my pet cat! And why should I root for Katy here? She's got a loving boyfriend, a son who depends on her, a roof over her head, and yes, she now has a new job. If she wants to put all that at risk then that's her problem but I'm on Chesney's side.

Loved Chesney's observation that Ryan seems a bit full of himself (because, y'know, he IS) but he was happy for Katy to work with him as long as he treated her right. And while he may have had qualms about his girlfriend getting a job, he didn't seem to mind looking after Little Joseph on his own. See, sweet, loving, caring... and Katy throws all this away for a douchebag with no positive characteristics? Ugh!!!

The Obvious Gold-digger

Question: Has Gloria actually shed a tear over Eric's death? Y'know, a real one instead of those crocs she was shedding on Monday? Answer: she hasn't.

This character is a strange one for me. There are certain days that I just can't stand her. For example, when she arrived, she rubbed me up the wrong way but by the next episode, I was enjoying her. And today, she also annoyed me with her hope that she'd get Eric's money.

Thankfully Eva was also annoyed by her Gran's attitude towards all this, and I enjoyed the scene where Gloria on the phone to the solicitor to ask about the will (Who does that???) and Eva was being all snarky behind her. But way to be obvious Gloria!

More Babydaddy (or more specifically Granny) stuff

Not a lot happened in this storyline today. Sophie, who wasn't all that chuffed that her mother had allowed Gail to stay, practically begged David and Kylie to take her back, even presenting them with a plan (which basically amounted to David begging Gail to return. Ugh.)

So dutifully, David went round at lunchtime and asked Gail to return. He didn't do a very good job of it though, in my opinion. The way Sophie painted it, I thought he'd be acting all contrite but instead he seemed a bit impatient and very angry. He's got good reason to be of course but I would have thought she'd hide it.

And on a side note, how brave was it of Kylie to encourage David to go through with the plan? If I were Kylie, I'd be doing the opposite. But then I suppose she wants to keep her mother-in-law 'happy' (which is impossible for Kylie to do partially because they hate each other but mainly because Gail doesn't know how to smile). 

Nicks and Nacks 

  • Wasn't it nice of the prison to let Tyrone go on holiday? Seriously, how brown was he? And we're supposed to believe that he's being kept inside? The make-up department failed there.
  • Mandy finally found out but in a less dramatic way than I expected. If you recall, I thought Steve would put his foot in it but all we got was Mandy and Jenna entering the Rovers, the former announcing that she knew the truth before proceeding to torture Lloyd with mentions of a proper service. Assuming there's more to come here.

That's all that happened on Wednesday's episode. In non-Corrie related news, Shobna Gulati and Natalie Guemede have both filmed their final scenes. I can't say I'd miss Sunita but Gulati is a great actress and I believe she wants to go into comedy writing so best of luck with that! I WILL miss Kirsty though and NG has been one of the best actresses Corrie has ever seen. Her performances have blown me away, and I've found myself feeling sorry for her even though I really shouldn't.

See you all on Friday! 

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