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The Corrie Review 25th February 2013...

...or technically the 26th but the episode was yesterday so we'll go with that.

Anyhow, welcome one and all to this, the first ever post of The Corrie Reviews, a new site where your host (that's me btw) dishes on what's hot and what's not in our favourite soap opera. The idea arose from a simple google search in which I could not find anything similar to this site. So as someone I know (I can't remember who!) once said, if you can't find it, start it yourself.

But before we begin, a quick disclaimer. All the opinions expressed in these posts are my own, and I do not expect everyone to agree with me. In fact, if you don't agree with me, say it! Diversity never did anyone any harm!

The Two Gold Diggers

So much potential for this storyline! So why did they have to kill Eric so soon? I was enjoying the tender connection between Eva and Eric. When this story was first announced, I thought we were going to be subjected to gross scenes of Eva sleeping with a much older man. But their relationship, if it can be called that, is much more of a gentle friendship. And Eric was good for Eva, allowing her to confide in him about everything. Pity this only lasted a week!

But why so much potential? Because this could have been such an unusual storyline for Corrie to do. Think about it. Eva doesn't want to be a gold digger, and feels a certain sense of loyalty to her Gran, however bitchy Gloria gets. But at the same time, a man who actually listens to her, who lets her unload, is in her life. Surely the fallout when Gloria discovers Eric's plan would have been much more exciting, had it turned out Eric was alive. However, I did enjoy the scene between Eva and Stella when Eva confessed about Eric's plan. What started out as a full-on Eastenders scene (shouting and whatnot) turned into a gentle heart-to-heart between mother and daughter, and Stella finally apologised for forcing Eva to come to Weatherfield with her so she could connect with Leanne. All together now! 'Awww...'

The 'Trust us, this is completely original' Babydaddy Storyline

How hypocritical is Gail? Sure no one is gonna be best pleased if they discover that their son had a one night stand with his brother's wife, possibly leading to a baby, but Gail just plain annoyed me.

Why, I hear you ask. Simple. Gail went through exactly the same thing. She had a one night stand with her husband's cousin leading to her not knowing whether Sarah-Louise was the product of her hubby Brian or Ian Latimer. So she should not be taking the moral high ground here. Even if this was in the eighties.

OK, Gail may have always hated Kylie. But I'd have much rather seen her offer some advice and support her through this. I mean, she must have been aware that David and Kylie had been having marital problems prior to the pregnancy. She was living in the same house as them! Even if Lewis was charming her pants off (don't think about that image!), she isn't blind. A complete idiot? Yes. Blind? No.

In fact, if anyone should have found out, it should have been Audrey. Yes, the matriarch of the Platt family would have been pissed but eventually she would have helped Kylie. I'm sure of it. Ugh, this is probably stemming from my hatred of Gail. In fact, I've always hated Gail. Pity because I love Helen Worth.

Another little niggle I had with yesterday's episode was the heart-to-heart between Gail and Sally. It's not the heart-to-heart specifically that I have a problem with (in fact, I quite like their friendship). It's the fact that Sally was giving Gail quite strange advice. She was urging Gail to keep this secret but not too long ago Kevin was cheating on Sally with Molly. As someone who's been cheated on, I thought Sally might have some better advice than that - something in character at least. What she said didn't ring true.

The 'I can see where this is going and I don't like it' storyline

In fact, I groaned. Out loud. In front of my parents.
If you haven't guessed already, it's that unbelievably stupid and contrived Katy and Ryan storyline. I mean, way to make me hate Ryan even more, writers! He is such a douchebag! I pray for death every time I see him! His or my death, I don't care. Either gets me away from him!

And there is in fact absolutely no chemistry between Katy and Ryan. At all. Ever. Nada. Zilch. You get the picture? Good.

But if there's one thing I hate above all else in this storyline, it's the fact that they're making Chesney look bad. Unacceptable. I still remember Chesney when he was asking for sweets from Mother of the Century Cilla. He was soooooo cute. And the Chesney I know would not nag Katy because she spent too much on a night out. In fact, the exact opposite. He'd tell her to go enjoy herself, that she deserves it.

Why can't the writers have couples who last. Chesney and Katy had at least another few years left in them before audiences got bored and now they've probably got another few weeks because of this idiotic storyline. In conclusion: STOP MAKING THIS STORY HAPPEN. THIS STORY WILL NEVER HAPPEN!!!

The New Father Storyline

Hmmm... I don't know about you but I don't think Anna and Owen are happy with Faye and Tim spending time together...

Seriously, way to be subtle, writers! We got the message the first time, thanks! Repeating the same thing over and over (Tim spends time with Faye, Owen goes off on one, Anna looks angry) is boring. What I'd like to see is some story movement. Kay? Thanks! Bye!

In fact, I'd like to know more about Tim. We know practically nothing about him, his background, what he likes doing. Is he a decent character? Is he shady? I don't know.

Until we get some movement in the story... *yawn*

Flash... Tortoise!

This is what Corrie does best. The silly, comedic storylines that just make everyone laugh. And after seeing Gail's hypocritical face judge Kylie, we need a good laugh!

And Simon Gregson & Craig Charles are great at comedy! In fact, probably more so than the dramatic storylines. In yesterday's episode, they both had a chance to stretch these skills again as Lloyd worried about how to tell Mandy that his best friend accidentally threw away her tortoise. Y'know, all the usual relationship problems!

Yes, it was a little cruel that Lloyd told Mandy that Flash had died. But I do hope she doesn't find out the truth. Because I don't want there to be any dramatic consequences from this. It was a nice little arc but let's move on now.

Sadly I don't think the writers will move on. Judging from the fact that Steve and Michelle saw Lloyd and Mandy talking, it looks like he'll drop Lloyd in it tomorrow. Let's just hope Mandy isn't too pissed off when she finds out.

And that's it. The first Corrie Review this blog has ever done! Hope you've enjoyed yourself reading this, and feel free to comment. See ya tomorrow!


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