Tuesday, 26 November 2013

November Fireworks

I really should post here more often because there's so much to comment on right now on this soap. Let's start with the bullying storyline which, out of nowhere, I'm suddenly enjoying! Friday's second episode was really gripping, focusing on the fallout of the bullying incident. And we got more of the same yesterday (Monday). What I love is that they're focusing on the perspective of both the victim and one of the bullies. Simon was always going to get his perspective but I kinda love that Faye - a regular character anyway - is shown to be feeling bad about this, and uncomfortable. It was clear that when Brian said the police would get involved, the implications for her really sunk in. I don't think Faye should be going to jail over this or anything (after all, she's, what, 11?) but it is a pretty good lesson for her. One minor nitpick - I was REALLY disappointed that we didn't get a scene with Anna and Grace's Mum. One of the things I want(and this possibly links in to being a writer myself)are multi-layered characters. So far Grace is the incarnation of pure evil. I want to know why. Is she being abused/neglected? Has she been bullied herself? I'm not asking for her to stay on the Street and become a regular character, I just want some backstory. If I hadn't seen the spoilers, I would have guessed that Peter and Tina were to embark on an affair. I mean, the writers are just being the opposite of subtle with this pairing. Every time P or T have a problem, they suddenly have to go running to each other. Look, I don't have an issue with Peter having another affair. I was never a fan of the Peter/Carla pairing in the first place (in fact I still think it was a mistake to break up Peter and Leanne), and affairs are just par for the course with this character. No, what I take issue with is that, um... TINA IS YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE HIS DAUGHTER!!! I mean this literally. Peter was born in 1965, making him 48. I don't think we've ever had confirmation of Tina's age but Michelle Keegan is 26, and I've always put Tina a couple of years younger than that (since she was brought in as David's girlfriend). But whatever way you cut it, Peter was already an adult when Tina was born. And it certainly doesn't help that I'm getting a father-daughter vibe from them rather than a lovers vibe. It actually kinda icks me out. This is why I'm not a fan of cougar relationships. I had other things to comment on but I'm cold and need warmth. Hopefully I'll start blogging again more regularly soon.

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